Do You Have a Personality? —
The War for top of Mind and Recall Will Be about Personality not Pixels.

Marketing will no longer be about the things you make but rather the stories you tell. Capturing people's attention is about creating a new wit and discourse, which will delight and inform. With so much product parity out there, people will prefer products and services, which have personality and attitude. When continuously delivered by an internal team, which has a passion for their product, nothing can beat such infectious enthusiasm.


My observations are that many teams do not engage with their products and services enough, and many company cultures are somewhat detached from their brands and what they mean for people. This is always very telling when you ask them to describe their customers and the best they can do is speak generically rather than in the first person. Imagining how people live and use your product is key to reversing the language and finding the lively metaphors to connect them with you. And now we can do it in real time, almost like a conversation.

Delivering this digitally means the brands of tomorrow will be the sum of their interactions. They will be valued by their clicks of interest and ongoing patronage. The war for top of mind and recall will be about personality not pixels.